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Pressure and heat analysis

For High-temperature systems

January 27, 2019

A part of our research is focused on understanding the effects of the extreme pressures and temperatures the valve has to endure and use that to improve our valve design. The main challenges facing the valve development remain scaling, and corrosion but thermal expansion also hinders flow from the well. By redesigning the system and using unique materials, we strive to solve these problems and deliver a superior product to our customers.

About the company

Loki Geothermal is an Icelandic company, established in 2014, in the field of geothermal power production. The company specializes in the development of geothermal equipment and services for geothermal power plants, focusing on wellheads and valves.


The company is currently developing wellhead valves for high-pressure geothermal wells with temperatures above 250°C. The main focus is on redesigning the system with regard to materials and functionality, making the equipment more reliable.


Along with this development we offer services and repairs of geothermal wellhead valves. Our services include malfunction detection, welding repairs, metalworking and surface texture handling.

Specializing in geothermal equipment

High temperature, high pressure

Loki Geothermal is a company operating in the geothermal sector. It is currently developing wellhead valves for high-temperature geothermal wells and offers services such as wellhead repairs. The company has a strong working relationship with its partners and access to facilities with advanced equipment for its production.

Work and specialization

Our day-to-day operation


Product development and redesign with respect to material and functionality.


Functional prototypes have been produced and put into operation.


Wellhead services such as repairs and refurbishments of geothermal equipment.

The company

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Thorarinn Kristjansson CEO

Technical Development

Solvi Oddsson CTO

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Partners and sponsors

We have a wide range of strong backers

The company has a wide variety of strong backers, including energy companies, various institutions, clusters and large banks. The funding of the company has been in the form of equity and development grants. The founders have, on behalf of the company, e.g. participated in an energy related business accelerator and introduced its operation at a large, European energy conference.

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